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Centre for Mental Health

"No health without mental health. At Zollikerberg Hospital, we see people as an indivisible whole and treat them with a basic bio-psycho-social understanding. This also includes paying attention to the mental aspects of physical illness and regaining health in mental crises." Dr Ruedi Schweizer, Medical Director of the Centre for Mental Health

The psyche is an essential part of our health. That is why it is also part of our integrated, holistic healthcare. Our Centre for Mental Health is a collaboration between Zollikerberg Hospital and the Hohenegg Private Clinic. We bring together psychotherapists and psychiatrists with proven expertise under one roof.

The services of the Centre for Mental Health

Assessment and treatment of mental crises, disorders and illnesses in an outpatient setting with a focus on depression, anxiety and psychosomatic problems

Consultancy advice for medical colleagues

Co-treatment of hospitalised patients

Psychotherapeutic treatment for cancer (psycho-oncology)

Co-treatment of patients in the palliative care unit

Co-treatment of patients of the Breast Centre Zurich

Psychological aspects relating to the desire to have children, pregnancy, birth, motherhood and fatherhood

Co-treatment of inpatients at the maternity centre and in the delivery room

Case discussions and supervision in the hospital's treatment teams

Hohenegg Private Clinic

Finding the way together

At our Centre for Mental Health, we offer you comprehensive support in times of mental health crisis. Together with you, we carefully analyse potential causes and suggest suitable treatment options. We are in regular contact with our specialists at the Privatklinik Hohenegg and can therefore draw on their extensive expertise. At Zollikerberg Hospital, we also take intensive care of your mental health. Our qualified nursing staff, our specialised therapists and our doctors will look after you within the framework of holistic bio-psycho-social medicine.

Management and organisation of the Centre for Mental Health

Portrait photo of Dr med. Ruedi Schweizer

Dr. med. Ruedi Schweizer

Medical Director, Centre for Mental Health

Zentrum für psychische Gesundheit
Privatklinik Hohenegg | Spital Zollikerberg
Trichtenhauserstrasse 12
8125 Zollikerberg

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