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About us

As a primary care regional hospital with a public service mandate, we stand for a broad range of medical services and a strong network. With 173 beds and comprehensive outpatient services, we contribute to optimising medical care in the greater Zurich area. Zollikerberg Hospital is a member of the VZK, the Association of Zurich Hospitals. The VZK hospitals fulfil agreed quality standards and carry the HQuality® quality label.

The regional hospital with a comprehensive range of services

Every year, we treat and support over 11,000 inpatients and 70,000 outpatients of all insurance classes. Our specialities include internal medicine, gynaecology and obstetrics with neonatology, general surgery and orthopaedics with specialised spinal surgery. Our interdisciplinary emergency centre is available around the clock, 365 days a year. Many other areas guarantee optimal and individualised treatment in every phase of life. You can always feel comfortable and in good hands with us.

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Holistic approaches

In addition to professional medical and nursing services, Zollikerberg Hospital offers many additional specialities to enhance your well-being. You also benefit from the in-house Centre for Integrative, Complementary Medicine and TCM (ZIMT), the Zollikerberg Hospital Therapy Centre with a comprehensive range of therapies and preventative treatments, as well as many specialist practices located on the premises. But it is not only on site that we offer specialities. The innovative pilot project "Visit - Zollikerberg Hospital at Home" enables you to receive hospital-equivalent treatment at home.

Working at eye level

In our hospital, our approximately 1,200 employees meet as equals. The partnership-based cooperation across professional groups and specialist areas is also reflected in the organisational chart. Our specialised clinics are jointly managed by a head physician and an expert from the nursing department.

To the team at Zollikerberg Hospital

Our roots and future

Zollikerberg Hospital is based on a deeply rooted history of medicine, nursing and care. The "Neumünster Hospital and Deaconess Institution" opened its doors on Zurich's Hegibachplatz in 1858. In 1931, it was transferred to the Stiftung Diakoniewerk Neumünster. The humanity practised and the innovative strength of these pioneers still inspire us today. In 1933, the "Neumünster Hospital" moved to the municipality of Zollikerberg. In 1998, the foundation merged with the Swiss Nursing School. Today's Zollikerberg Hospital continues to embody the drive to help people.

We are part of the Zollikerberg world of health

Zollikerberg Hospital is part of the Zollikerberg World of Health. The facilities, which are run by the Diakoniewerk Neumünster foundation, accompany people from birth to the end of their lives. Humanity and care are our top priorities and make us a special place where people feel completely at ease. Our roots go back to the establishment of our foundation in 1858. Women's initiative professionalised nursing care and thus played a key role in shaping the healthcare system. The "Swiss School of Nursing with Women's Hospital", which was founded by the first Swiss women doctors, was also committed to the self-determination of women.