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Care philosophy

"Our care is empathetic and stays on the ball professionally." Sabina Decurtins, Head of Learning and Education Centre and care expert

For us, professional care means a high level of professional and social competence and a willingness to learn. Professionalism is a basic prerequisite for individualised care, for a quality of care that is tailored to each patient.

Reference care

A qualified nursing professional forms a nursing care team together with a healthcare professional. The qualified nurse discusses and plans the care with the patient. They remain the link between the nursing teams, the medical team and the patient and their relatives from the time they enter hospital until they leave. The nursing staff take the patient's habits and wishes seriously. They respond sensitively and competently to questions and use their experience to support the individual recovery process.

Quality of care

Our nursing staff regularly attend internal and external training courses and exchange ideas in quality circles. They are supported by various experts, such as a specialist in infection prevention and hygiene.

We look forward to seeing you

Career start in the healthcare sector

We are a training hospital for various nursing professions and are always looking for outgoing people with strong team player qualities. Our well-established training team, our nursing staff and around one hundred apprentices and students are looking forward to welcoming new colleagues.

Nursing pool

In addition to employment in a department or a specific speciality, Zollikerberg Hospital also offers the opportunity to work in the nursing pool. This is aimed at nursing staff who appreciate flexible working time models and would like to immerse themselves in new areas of responsibility.

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