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Traffic information for the 2024 Cycling and Para-Cycling Road World Championships

Alina Bolz

Alina Bolz

July 4, 2024

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The 2024 Cycling and Para-cycling Road World Championships will take place in and around Zurich from 21 to 29 September 2024. Zollikerberg Hospital will be accessible at all times, but there may be considerable traffic restrictions that change daily. Significantly longer journey times are therefore to be expected. We recommend that you use public transport whenever possible. Please note the following times for your arrival and departure.

Traffic situation: Saturday, 21 to Tuesday, 24 September 2024

The Zollikerberg hospital can be reached by car and public transport with restrictions within a larger radius.

Several sections of the city and cantonal roads will be closed, in particular Utoquai, Bellerivestrasse and Dufourstrasse. In addition, the south-north connection on the Quaibrücke in the direction of Rämistrasse is closed. In the cantonal area, several roads and municipalities in the districts of Meilen and Hinwil (Seestrasse, Oetwil am See, Esslingen, Gossau) are closed to traffic.

Find out more about the closed road sections on the Canton of Zurich website.

Zollikerberg Hospital can generally be reached by the usual tram and bus lines as well as the Forchbahn railway. However, the buses on route 910 only run from Zollikon railway station. They do not run to Tiefenbrunnen station.

Find out about diversions on the ZVV website.

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Traffic situation: Wednesday, 25 to Sunday, 29 September 2024

During this period, Zollikerberg Hospital is located within the City Circuit race route, but not directly on a closed road.

On these days, Zollikerberg Hospital will only be accessible via Forchautostrasse A52 from 5.00 am to 7.00 pm. An access permit is required for this. Please download your personal authorisation here .

Place the access permit behind the windscreen so that you can pass through the Itschnacher-Kreuzung/Zumikon checkpoint as quickly as possible. If you have forgotten your permit at home, state that you want to drive to Zollikerberg Hospital. In this case you will need a little more time, but you will be granted access.

Look up the routes and closing times in the cantonal "GIS Browser".

Zollikerberg Hospital can be reached by the usual public transport routes. However, some of them run on shortened routes. The best connections can be called up in real time via the ZVV timetable or the ZVV app. We strongly recommend that you use these sources of information before starting your journey.

Overview of VBZ city centre connections (tram and bus services in the city of Zurich from Wednesday, 25 to Sunday, 29 September 2024, during the day until 19:00. Not shown are the early morning replacement buses between Klusplatz and Kienastenwies (Witikon)).

Overview of VBZ connections Zurich East (tram and bus services in the city of Zurich from Wednesday, 25 to Sunday, 29 September 2024, during the day until 7 pm. Not shown are the replacement buses in the early morning between Klusplatz and Kienastenwies (Witikon)).

Important information for your return journey planning

Please note that the day of your departure may also coincide with the Cycling and Para-cycling Road World Championships. Please plan your pick-up and return journey accordingly.

We wish you a pleasant stay with us at Zollikerberg Hospital and a speedy recovery.

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Alina Bolz

Deputy Head of Marketing and Communication, Directorate

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