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Zollikerberg Hospital supports Turkey with donation of goods

March 14, 2023

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The disaster in the Turkish-Syrian border region has claimed countless victims and caused enormous material damage. The need is great; the areas are dependent on help. Zollikerberg Hospital also wanted to help and put together a donation in kind.

According to the Turkish disaster control authority AFAD, the epicentre of the first two major quakes was in the province of Kahramanmaras, around 60 kilometres from the Syrian border. Millions of people were affected by the devastating 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude quakes and the hundreds of aftershocks.

Donation of goods is collected at Zollikerberg Hospital

Zollikerberg Hospital and many of its employees wanted to help immediately. With the support of the hospital management, the Purchasing and Logistics team took over the coordination of a donation of urgently needed medical supplies. The campaign led to co-operation beyond the boundaries of Zollikerberg. Companies such as Promedical AG, Nizell Medical GmbH, IVF Hartmann AG, Cosanum AG and Forni Medical GmbH supplied goods and thus participated in the donation in kind. The campaign was coordinated with the "Verband Zürcher Krankenhäuser (VZK)" and supported by other volunteers, such as the organisation "".

In the end, the donation in kind reached a staggering 30 Euro pallets. Among them: Wound compresses, bandages in various sizes, universal bandages, swabs, fracture splints, walking sticks, rollators, wound care and surgical kits, cooling bags and disposable and wound pads. Medicines were deliberately not donated as they are temperature-sensitive.

Material reaches Turkish disaster areas by air transport

All the material was transported by lorry from Zollikerberg Hospital to Zurich Airport on Wednesday, 1 March. On Saturday, 4 March, the goods were flown to Adana in Turkey via Turkish Airlines and thus reached the crisis region in need directly. The whole operation was accompanied by Dr Hülya Gülmez, who used her excellent local network to coordinate everything with the Turkish Health Directorate, ensuring that the relief supplies arrived at their destination on time.

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