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2,400 babies at Zollikerberg Hospital

January 3, 2022

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In 2021, 2,443 babies were born at Zollikerberg Hospital, the sixth time more than 2,000 were born within a year and the first time more than 2,400.

Obstetrics with associated neonatology has been a very successful speciality at Zollikerberg Hospital for many years. Its popularity continues to grow, as shown by the increasing number of births and the high level of satisfaction among women giving birth.

Eduard Vlajkovic, Head Physician and Head of the Women's Clinic, describes the speciality of obstetrics at Zollikerberg Hospital with a certain pride: "Despite the large number of births, we are able to provide our birthing patients with warm and individual care thanks to an excellently trained team that works together interprofessionally. The partnership between the experts from the various specialisms is also noticeable for our women giving birth and those accompanying them. This good atmosphere is particularly important for women giving birth at such an emotional time and makes the birth experience at our centre something very special."

What else speaks in favour of obstetrics at Zollikerberg Hospital?

The good cooperation between the management of the obstetrics department ensures smooth processes that always focus on the patient and her needs. Specialists in obstetrics, anaesthesia and neonatology work hand in hand and are available around the clock. Our highly experienced team of midwives is also very much appreciated by pregnant women and women giving birth, as confirmed by numerous feedbacks. An operating theatre integrated into the building department and the directly adjacent neonatology department ensure a particularly high level of safety for the women giving birth and their child, should this be necessary. The very comfortable and beautifully furnished rooms with direct access to the car park are also much appreciated.

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