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Pregnant woman sits on exercise ball while man listens to her belly, antenatal class.

Courses around the birth

Our experienced midwives, nurses and physiotherapists at Zollikerberg Hospital will reliably guide you through various courses during your pregnancy and help you to achieve the greatest possible well-being.

Some midwives at the Zollikerberg Hospital Women's Clinic have specialised in birth preparation courses, which they offer privately, at the Zollikerberg Hospital Therapy Centre or at their own place of residence. They are constantly adapting their courses to the latest specialist knowledge and catering to your personal needs. You can find our current range of courses here.

Courses offered by our midwives

Courses offered by the physiotherapists

The physiotherapists at the Zollikerberg Hospital Therapy Centre provide you with expert and committed support in pregnancy and postnatal gymnastics. You can find the current range of courses here.

Further offers on the topic of birth