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Pregnant women practise yoga together for wellness and health.

Pregnancy yoga

Gentle yoga exercises, conscious breathing, stretching exercises and deep relaxation help your muscles and alleviate or prevent pain or uncomfortable physical sensations. In our pregnancy yoga programme, you will learn techniques for strengthening and stretching, breathing techniques and relaxation exercises.

Topics and goals

  • Calmness and inner peace
  • Well-being for you and your child
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Harmony for body, mind and soul
  • Physical and mental preparation for the birth
  • Strength and energy for the natural birth
  • Confidence with regard to the birth
  • Getting to know your breath as a birth assistant
  • Consciously enjoy your pregnancy
  • Deepen your relationship with your baby

Course dates

We offer pregnancy yoga on Wednesday evenings, 6.45 - 7.35 pm or 7.45 - 8.35 pm. It comprises 8 lessons of 50 minutes each. Course entry by arrangement.

Please note: Free places are expected to be available again from Wednesday, 19.06.2024.

Due to holiday absence of the course instructor, the course is cancelled on the following dates

  • 30 October 2024 up to and including 27 November 2024

Course costs
A course of 8 lessons of 50 minutes each costs CHF 220.
Invoice and payment slip will be sent to you.

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Course instructor

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Felizitas Giebfried

Yoga teacher and yoga therapist, therapy centre