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Clinic for Surgery

In order to treat your complaints in the best possible way, the specialists at the Clinic for Surgery work closely with specialists in angiology and phlebology.

Varicose veins (varices)

The most common disease of the veins is varicose veins (varices). This is caused by a weakness in the connective tissue, which means that the venous valves no longer close completely. This leads to a partial backflow of blood in the leg veins and to an expansion of the superficial veins. The diagnosis is usually carried out by an angiologist/phlebologist, who determines which sections of the venous system are no longer functioning correctly. Investigations may also be carried out in collaboration with interventional radiology, cardiology, nephrology or oncology.

Surgical treatment of varicose veins

In classic varicose vein surgery, the junction of the trunk vein is cut off in the groin or back of the knee, the trunk vein is removed by means of stripping and the visible side branches of the varicose veins are removed using the hook method. The extent of the operation depends on the findings of the referring angiologist/phlebologist.

Our services in the field of vascular surgery

The vascular surgeons at the Department of Surgery perform various procedures for diseases of the different blood vessels:

  • Vein surgery, in particular varicose vein operations (varicose veins)
  • Haemodialysis shunts (access for blood washing)
  • Port-à-Cath (implant for permanent vascular access)

Your specialists for vein surgery

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Dr. med. Simon Gregor Wrann

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Dr. med. Eugen Frick

Consultant physician, Clinic for Surgery

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Dr. med. Peter Haesler

Consultant physician, Clinic for Surgery, Clinic for Internal Medicine

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