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Clinic for Internal Medicine

In angiology and phlebology, we specialise in the treatment of diseases of the blood vessels in the body, particularly the arteries and veins. This includes constrictions or occlusions, but also dilatations and inflammations of the vessels.

To ensure a comprehensive diagnosis, we use various examination methods, including Doppler ultrasound, oscillography - a non-invasive method for measuring the arterial blood flow situation in the legs - or walking tests on a treadmill.

Various treatment methods are available for your individual needs

  • Stripping to remove varicose veins (varicose veins)
  • Sclerotherapy of spider veins or, if necessary, operations for vascular occlusions

We always carry out these procedures in collaboration with our experienced vascular surgeons.

Your specialists in angiology and phlebology

Portrait photo of Dr Silviana Spring

Dr. med. Silviana Spring

Clinic for Internal Medicine

Spital Zollikerberg
Klinik für Innere Medizin
Trichtenhauserstrasse 20
8125 Zollikerberg

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Dr. med. Peter Haesler

Consultant physician, Clinic for Surgery, Clinic for Internal Medicine

Klosbachstrasse 112
8032 Zürich

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