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Clinic for Internal Medicine

In acute geriatrics, we are particularly dedicated to the elderly and very elderly. We offer a holistic treatment concept in an interprofessional team. Our care goes beyond organ-specific illnesses and also takes into account and treats psychological, functional and social aspects.

Older people are highly vulnerable and usually suffer from several illnesses at the same time. If they are hospitalised due to illness or an accident, they are particularly at risk of suffering complications and losing their mobility and independence due to the loss of their normal habits and environment. They are therefore dependent on comprehensive care.

Comprehensive support

Our main goal in acute geriatric treatment is to ensure that functionality is maintained and to avoid or minimise the need for care. The focus is on autonomy and quality of life. Depending on the situation, we also prioritise the planning and sensitive support of end-of-life phases.

Our holistic care in acute geriatric rehabilitation

The stay usually lasts two weeks, in exceptional cases one or three weeks. As an acute geriatric patient, you have access to all our medical services at all times. The costs for your geriatric early rehabilitation complex treatment are covered by your health insurance.

The APN nursing expert - your partner for your nursing care goals

Our APN geriatric nursing expert works closely with the interprofessional team to achieve your personal goals. In family meetings, we jointly set goals for your stay and make long-term plans. We plan your discharge together with you and your relatives to ensure optimal follow-up care from Spitex and other organisations.

Activating care

Our experienced team in geriatrics specialises in activating care. We set individualised care goals and place particular emphasis on a structured daily routine as well as maintaining and promoting your autonomy. Your independence is promoted through targeted activation - especially when it comes to personal hygiene, dressing and mobility. A further component of our holistic approach is your participation in lunch with other patients.


Our physiotherapy team focuses primarily on your mobility with the aim of helping you to return to your familiar surroundings stronger and safer. We provide you with professional support, advice and training during your stay to help you achieve this goal. We use the entire hospital grounds for this as well as our fitness room in the therapy centre, which is equipped with all the necessary equipment. If required, we can also carry out an individual assessment regarding aids.

Occupational therapy

In occupational therapy, we concentrate on individually significant everyday activities to increase your independence and quality of life. We focus on self-care, housekeeping, fall prevention, fine motor skills and memory. We also discuss aids to make your everyday life easier and practise using them with you. The assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders are also part of our occupational therapy programme.

Meeting in the office with two female employees sitting opposite each other and discussing, with a white board in the background.

Nutritional therapy

Our nutritionist will assess your individual nutritional status and work with you and your relatives to optimise your diet during your stay in hospital. We will also discuss the food for you to eat at home, tailored to your specific needs.

Social counselling

Challenging or unexpected life situations can often arise in connection with illnesses and accidents. Our social counselling team is there to support and advise you and your relatives during your stay. Together we will clarify financial, legal and psychosocial issues.

Our interprofessional team also includes counsellors and, if necessary, psychologists. At the beginning of your stay, our various specialists will carry out a comprehensive assessment to determine a personalised treatment plan for you.

Your specialist for acute geriatrics

Portrait photo of Ellen Schönherr

Ellen Schönherr

Head physician, Clinic for Internal Medicine

Spital Zollikerberg
Klinik für Innere Medizin
Trichtenhauserstrasse 20
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