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Traffic medical check-up

In Switzerland, ophthalmological checks are an essential part of road safety checks for road traffic authorities. The aim of these examinations is to ensure that, as a driver, you have the necessary eyesight to participate safely in road traffic. From the age of 75, you are required to undergo a medical examination every two years by one of our level one doctors. It is important to note that this period for check-ups may be shortened for medical reasons.

How to proceed

  • You will receive a letter from the Road Traffic Licensing Office reminding you of your next check-up.
  • You have three months from the date of the letter to have yourself examined and submit the medical report to the Road Traffic Licensing Office.
  • Please make an appointment with your family doctor and hand over the letter you have received from the Road Traffic Licensing Office. You may also need an ophthalmological check-up.

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