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Modern management structures at Zollikerberg Hospital

January 17, 2023

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The new article "More co-determination through sociocratic structures" reports on the positive experiences.

The authors Kathrin Hillewerth, Head of the Surgery Clinic and MScN nursing expert, and Noemi Nussbaumer, BScN nursing expert in the Surgery Clinic, describe how these modern management structures are maintained in the Surgery Clinic at Zollikerberg Hospital.

Sociocracy means "we decide together" or "we govern together". The model is based on the assumption that all employees are equal and therefore offers each individual real added value. The authors describe: "Employees are themselves part of decision-making processes and can influence internal team decisions more intensively on the one hand, but also have a direct influence on overarching decisions". The best-known sociocratic form of organisation and moderation method is the Sociocratic Circle Organisation Method (SCM). According to the authors, this creates "a culture in the circle that involves the employees concerned in the implementation of decisions".

The authors describe four basic principles that the leadership concept of sociocracy follows:

  • The consensus principle describes how decisions are made. It is important that a final decision is only made if no person present has a justified, serious objection to this decision. The aim is to find the most sensible solution and not the perfect solution. Everyone has an equal say in the decision.
  • The principle of the circle structure stands for an organisation made up of circles, each of which represents an area. Decisions are then made in these circles to achieve a common goal.
  • The principle of double linkage describes the fact that each circle is linked to the next higher circle via a leading and a delegated person. In each circle there is therefore not only a leading person, but also a delegate from the lower circle who represents its interests.
  • The principle of open election means that all circle members decide together who is best suited to which role.

We are looking forward to seeing the impact that the introduction of sociocracy will have on employee satisfaction.

More co-determination through sociocratic structures


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