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Our housekeeping team is dedicated to cleaning all rooms and areas with dedication and great care, as well as providing a reliable laundry service throughout the hospital.

Man cleans windows with a sponge in daylight

The housekeeping team is made up of 60 dedicated employees from a total of 24 nations. Every day, they clean an average of 50 discharge rooms, five delivery rooms, 85 guest toilets and numerous other rooms in the hospital. They attach particular importance to the use of gentle cleaning chemicals and sustainable textiles in order to minimise our ecological footprint and at the same time promote a healthy environment in the hospital.

To make your stay as pleasant as possible, the team always endeavours to recognise your needs and provide you with the support you require.

100,000 kilograms

Monthly laundry consumption in the hospital

1'400 litres

Annual consumption of descaling agent

416 working hours

Total daily commitment of the housekeeping team

Management and organisation of housekeeping

Portrait photo of Barbara Horat

Barbara Horat

Head of Housekeeping, Vocational Trainer

Spital Zollikerberg
Infrastruktur und Services
Trichtenhauserstrasse 20
8125 Zollikerberg