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The pelvic floor plays an important role in various functions such as continence, posture and stability. Our experienced physiotherapists are on hand to provide you with individualised care and support.

Pelvic floor therapy for various complaints

  • Difficulty holding urine, especially when coughing, sneezing and lifting
  • Feeling that the bladder is never completely empty
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Prolapse complaints
  • Chronic pain in the pelvis
  • Recurrent pain during sexual intercourse
  • Impending or already performed urological surgery
  • Persistent problems in the pelvic floor area after childbirth

Do you have any questions? We are happy to help you on +41 44 397 27 11 or by e-mail at

Physiotherapy session with a therapist stretching a patient's leg on an exercise ball.

The path to a strong pelvic floor

Therapy procedure

Your therapy will be carried out by therapists specially trained in this field, who will accompany you through the following three steps:

  • At the first appointment, we get to know each other and we find out why you are with us and what your complaints are (anamnesis).
  • With your consent, we will look at your "pelvic floor status" at the second appointment. Our therapist will carry out an examination to assess how strong your muscles are and how well they work together (findings).
  • Depending on the findings, we will then plan the next steps together with you. This may include various forms of therapy such as awareness exercises, biofeedback, electrostimulation and/or an exercise programme.

Administrative information

With a prescription from your doctor, the costs are covered by basic insurance in most cases.

Your contact person for pelvic floor therapy

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Lisa Baumstark


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