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Speech therapy for adults includes the treatment of speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders as well as therapy for facial paralysis. Your needs take centre stage for us. During treatment, we endeavour to improve communication skills, facial expressions and food intake. Depending on the underlying condition, stabilisation or strategies for adapting to a changing situation, for example alternative means of communication, can also be set as a goal. In close co-operation with the medical service, we treat disorders of communicative abilities (speech, language, voice and face).

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We offer outpatient speech therapy for

  • Speech disorders (aphasia)
  • Disorders of articulation and speech breathing (dysarthria)
  • Disorders of the voice, resonance and speech melody (dysphonia)
  • Facial paralyses (facial nerve palsies)
  • Speech degradation processes
  • Articulation disorders, for example after operations in the mouth and throat area
  • Use of communication aids (picture board, alphabet board, communication book) and handling electronic communication devices

As communication always affects your entire environment, we consider it sensible to involve relatives depending on the situation.

Customised therapies for a clear expression

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Administrative information

We initiate a speech therapy assessment and therapy following a medical prescription from the hospital doctor, the family doctor or a specialist.

Prescription for outpatient speech therapy

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