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Plastic surgery

Do you notice skin changes that bother or worry you? There are benign and a few malignant skin diseases. We call the removal of skin changes dermatosurgery. Such changes can sometimes be located in functionally challenging areas, for example around the eyes, on the nose or on the mouth. After the removal of such a change, a "defect" is created. Direct closure of the "defect" would not provide an aesthetically pleasing result and/or would impair function. Such cases are treated in collaboration between dermatologists and plastic-aesthetic surgeons.

Our dermatological surgery services

  • Surgical treatment of benign skin tumours
  • Surgical treatment of malignant skin tumours
  • Treatment of chronic wounds
  • Removal of moles
  • Scar surgery
  • Further medical services for various skin diseases

Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, we can provide you with detailed and comprehensive advice on these topics in our specialised consultation hours.

Skin check of a birthmark on the arm.

Removal of skin lesions

In most cases, outpatient treatment under local anaesthetic is possible. Once the skin change has been removed and the type of change has been clarified by means of a histological examination, the focus is on the aesthetic and functional restoration of the affected region. The scars should blend in with the natural facial expression, be as short as possible and as invisible as possible. At the same time, we restore the normal function of areas such as the eyelid, the wings of the nose or the lip as well as possible.

A classic procedure for defect closure is local flap plasty, in which healthy tissue is moved from a localisation of excess skin to the defect area with a skin deficit. With this technique, we avoid scar strands and tension in the scar area. This leads to a more aesthetic result and back to correct function.

What our patients say on Google

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    L. R.

    Dr Linder always makes you feel that you are in good hands and taken seriously. Super competent both professionally and personally. I would recommend her at any time!

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    S. F.

    I was lucky enough to be operated on by Dr Linder. I was accompanied at every step with professionalism and a lot of heart. I am glad that in such a difficult moment of my life I got to know such a competent doctor. Thank you very much.

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    C. N.

    I had a very good experience. The doctors and nurses were very nice. The operation went without complications, had almost no pain. I am very satisfied with the end result. Would have the operation at Zollikerberg Hospital at any time.

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    A. S.

    I can summarise my stay at Zollikerberg Hospital in the following terms: the highest level of expertise, humanity and loving care. I had a successful operation and was competently advised, cared for and well looked after from the first minute until I...
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    V. H.

    Very good and helpful care and therapy during the entire treatment period by all the specialists involved. The coordination of appointments and communication between the various specialities, the secretaries and the patient was excellent. The result ...


Your specialist for dermatological surgery

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Dr. med. Sora Linder

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