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Plastic surgery

In intimate surgery, we perform aesthetic procedures in the genital area. We refine the external appearance and improve functional aspects, for example by reducing the labia, tightening the clitoris or correcting perineal scars.

Discretion meets expertise

The decision to have this area corrected is very personal and requires sensitive and professional care. We understand the sensitivity of this topic and offer a discreet environment for your concerns. Our experienced plastic surgeon Dr Linder attaches great importance to taking your individual needs into account and achieving a harmonious intimate aesthetic result.


Labia reduction offers a low-risk and permanent solution for labia that are too large. With this correction, the labia minora no longer protrude below the labia majora. The labia are surgically corrected to the size ratio of your choice. However, if there is a lack of volume in the labia minora, it is possible to fill this with the body's own fat and thus achieve a rejuvenation.

Reduction of the clitoral hood

The part of the labia minora that surrounds the clitoris is known as the clitoral hood. This can have a large overhang or be very small and expose the tip of the clitoris. A tightening or enlargement of the clitoral hood contributes individually to a harmonious intimate aesthetic result and is often combined with a correction of the labia minora.

Vaginal tightening

One component of vaginal rejuvenation is vaginal tightening. After childbirth, after major weight fluctuations or simply by nature, the vaginal vault can become slack, with aesthetic and functional consequences for the firmness and elasticity of the vaginal area. A vaginal tightening corrects these changes and is often combined with autologous fat transfer to achieve the maximum effect of narrowing the vaginal canal.

Perineal scar correction

A birth can be accompanied by an episiotomy or perineal tear. The resulting scars can heal unsightly or cause discomfort. In such cases, scar correction can be performed to achieve both aesthetic and functional improvements.

What our patients say on Google

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    L. R.

    Dr Linder always makes you feel that you are in good hands and taken seriously. Super competent both professionally and personally. I would recommend her at any time!

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    S. F.

    I was lucky enough to be operated on by Dr Linder. I was accompanied at every step with professionalism and a lot of heart. I am glad that in such a difficult moment of my life I got to know such a competent doctor. Thank you very much.

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    C. N.

    I had a very good experience. The doctors and nurses were very nice. The operation went without complications, had almost no pain. I am very satisfied with the end result. Would have the operation at Zollikerberg Hospital at any time.

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    A. S.

    I can summarise my stay at Zollikerberg Hospital in the following terms: the highest level of expertise, humanity and loving care. I had a successful operation and was competently advised, cared for and well looked after from the first minute until I...
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    V. H.

    Very good and helpful care and therapy during the entire treatment period by all the specialists involved. The coordination of appointments and communication between the various specialities, the secretaries and the patient was excellent. The result ...


Your specialist for intimate surgery

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Dr. med. Sora Linder

Head Physician, Plastic Surgery, BreastCentre Zurich, Bethanien & Zollikerberg

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