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BreastCentre Zurich

Are you pregnant and don't know what to do? Are you desperate because you find yourself in a difficult life situation? Do you need advice or help for various reasons? Protect your health and that of your child. Talk to us about it. We will find a way.

We are there to support you in various life situations, including

  • Relationship conflicts with partners, parents and/or relatives
  • Financial worries
  • Violence and persecution
  • Health problems
  • Problems with residence status
  • Decisions around pregnancy (yes or no?)
  • Possible adoption
  • Fears about what will happen after the birth
  • As well as many other questions and concerns

The helpline is run around the clock by our experienced team at the Zollikerberg Hospital Women's Clinic. Give us a call. We will accompany and support you sensitively and competently during the pregnancy, the birth and afterwards, anonymously if necessary.

Baby window

As a last resort out of the emergency situation, there is a baby window.

Information sheet on support services


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