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Pregnancy and childbirth are unique moments in a woman's life. Most pregnancies are unproblematic and the children are born healthy. Fetomaternal medicine and prenatal diagnostics at Zollikerberg Hospital are used when an initial risk is recognised. Thanks to the close cooperation between doctors from prenatal medicine, obstetrics and neonatology as well as other specialities, many medical problems can be treated for the benefit of mother and child. We look after you and your child with the utmost care and in accordance with the latest guidelines of national and international specialist organisations.

The services of foetomaternal medicine

The range of prenatal examinations includes all diagnostic and therapeutic methods of modern prenatal medicine. The aim is to recognise possible malformations and diseases in your child at an early stage.

  • Fetomaternal consultation
  • Examinations of the baby's heart in early pregnancy
  • Monitoring the child's state of health using Doppler ultrasound
  • All examination methods at a glance

Available from Tuesday to Friday

Prenatal examinations

We will be happy to inform you about the various examination methods and advise you in our foetomaternal consultation hours in our outpatient clinic at the Women's Clinic.

All non-invasive examination methods at a glance

Non-invasive procedures such as ultrasound or blood tests for pregnant women provide information about your child's development.

All invasive examination methods at a glance

Invasive procedures in prenatal medicine (prenatal medicine) involve interventions in the mother's body.

Your specialist for foetomaternal medicine

Portrait photo of PD Dr med. Anke Reitter

PD Dr. med. Anke Reitter

Head physician, Gynaecological clinic

Spital Zollikerberg
Trichtenhauserstrasse 20
8125 Zollikerberg

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