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Gynaecological dysplasia

Gynaecological dysplasia refers to cell changes that occur in women in the cervix (neck of the womb), vagina (vagina) or external genital area (vulva, perineal and perianal region). These changes can range from mild to severe precancerous conditions. At our women's clinic, we can recognise and treat these changes at an early stage.

Procedure of our DKG-certified dysplasia consultation

Early detection and treatment

If abnormal PAP smears are detected during gynaecological screening examinations or skin and mucous membrane changes in the vagina or vulva, we recommend a clarification in our dysplasia consultation.

The dysplasia consultation in detail

We carry out a thorough gynaecological examination in the dysplasia consultation. Using a colposcope, a special magnifying glass, we examine the skin and mucous membrane in detail. If necessary, we take small tissue samples (biopsies) which are analysed in the pathology laboratory.

Comprehensive counselling and treatment options

After the examination, you will receive detailed counselling on the current findings, preventive measures such as the HPV vaccination and possible treatment options. Our aim is to offer you the best possible care and support in relation to gynaecological dysplasia. If surgical treatment is necessary, this can be carried out at our clinic.

DKG Certificate Dysplasia Consultation Hour


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Your specialist for dysplasia

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