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Centre for Integrative, Complementary Medicine & TCM (ZIMT)

In therapeutic hypnosis, we use the trance state to access your own resources in order to promote healing. The trance is a deep state of relaxation that enables you to direct your inner attention to aspects that promote healing. These aspects are not only utilised in the treatment process, but are also unconsciously available to you in everyday life.

Activation of the subconscious

Through the targeted activation of your subconscious, we promote your individual strengths and coping strategies. Hypnosis serves as a supportive measure for solving physical or psychological challenges. Hypnosis strengthens the ability to relegate the self-critical and negative thoughts that accompany many people in everyday life to the background or to reinterpret them using constructive mental models.

Effects of a hypnosis session

After a hypnosis session, many people experience an increased sense of energy and motivation. At ZIMT, we rely on advanced generative hypnosis, which is based on a co-operative relationship between you and us. We consciously utilise the mind instead of bypassing it. This approach allows you to consciously shape the process and retain full control over what is happening at all times.

Examples of the use of hypnosis

  • Stress reduction
  • Pain relief
  • Positive suggestions for successful therapy
  • Access to the self-healing powers

Discover your inner strength with the power of hypnotherapy

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Your specialist for therapeutic hypnosis

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Irene Brenneisen

Patient coach and psycho-oncological counsellor SGPO

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