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Centre for Integrative, Complementary Medicine & TCM (ZIMT)

Rhythmical embrocation according to Dr Wegman / Hauschka integrates essential oils and ointments into gentle, carefully performed body rubs. This special massage promotes physical warmth and increases vitality. It is particularly effective for severe states of exhaustion and chronic illnesses.

This special massage, developed by Dr Margarethe Hauschka, a close student of Dr Ita Wegman, is based on anthroposophical principles and aims to promote the harmony of body, life forces and soul forces. The gentle, rhythmic movements of these embrocations are in harmony with the natural rhythms of the human body, including breathing rhythm, heart rhythm and brain wave rhythm.

Discover the healing power of rhythmic embrocation

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Your specialist for rhythmic massages

Portrait photo of PD Dr Daniela Paepke

PD Dr. med. Daniela Paepke

Senior physician mbF, Gynaecological clinic, Centre for Integrative, Complementary Medicine & TCM (ZIMT), BreastCentre Zurich, Bethanien & Zollikerberg

Spital Zollikerberg
Zentrum für integrative, komplementäre Medizin & TCM (ZIMT)
Praxiszentrum Zollikerberg
Trichtenhauserstrasse 2
8125 Zollikerberg