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Centre for Integrative, Complementary Medicine & TCM (ZIMT)

Mistletoe therapy consists of preparations of the white berried European mistletoe (Viscum album) and is one of the most frequently used complementary medical products for cancer.

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Mistletoe therapy for cancer patients

Mistletoe therapy can be used effectively for numerous cancers and can be used flexibly during the course of the disease. The Working Group of Gynaecological Oncology Commission Breast (AGO-Mamma) and the S3 guideline for complementary medicine in the treatment of oncological patients recommend it with a "can". Depending on the prescription, the mistletoe preparation is administered several times a week. After appropriate instruction, you also have the option of administering it yourself. Studies have shown that mistletoe therapy can help to reduce treatment-related side effects (fatigue, pain, loss of appetite, etc.) and improve quality of life.

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Your specialist for mistletoe therapy

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PD Dr. med. Daniela Paepke

Senior physician mbF, Gynaecological clinic, Centre for Integrative, Complementary Medicine & TCM (ZIMT), BreastCentre Zurich, Bethanien & Zollikerberg

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