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Centre for Integrative, Complementary Medicine & TCM (ZIMT)

Case management is based on the principle of empowerment, which aims to strengthen people and promote their autonomy. It is characterised by a solution- and resource-oriented approach that enables you to engage with all parties involved on an equal footing.

Our case management services

  • Coordinated processing of complex social, health and insurance issues
  • Clarification of social insurance issues and claims
  • Coordination of the various service providers, such as doctors, carers, institutions such as Spitex, nursing homes, insurance companies, etc,
  • institutions such as Spitex, care homes, insurance companies, etc.
  • Medical questions and translation of the answers into an understandable language
  • Reintegration and/or maintaining employment
  • Support services offered by various institutions and cost bearers
  • Dealing with fears and tapping into important resources for more serenity
  • Decision-making on therapies and other important aspects

Support from case management in phase models

  1. Phase: Clarification phase
  2. Phase: Case assessment
  3. Phase: Formulation of goals and help planning
  4. Phase: Networking and implementation of the support plan
  5. Phase: Termination and evaluation

Two women in conversation during a counselling session.

Finding ways together

A serious illness or accident often raises numerous questions and uncertainties for those affected. In addition to the personal suffering and pain, there are additional challenges when it comes to navigating the complex structure of healthcare services and providers. This often leads to those affected overlooking financial and other forms of support. This can exacerbate existing difficulties and put patients in seemingly hopeless situations.

The case manager acts as a link between you, your personal and professional environment, the professional healthcare system and the funding organisations. Case management is characterised by the coordination and connection of the numerous interfaces in the care, support and financing chain. This is achieved through a targeted improvement in communication and coordination with all stakeholders involved. It is crucial to harmonise and unite the various interests by setting a common, transparently defined goal with benefits for all those involved. We involve you and your environment as partners in the decision-making processes.

Customised solutions for individual patient needs

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Your case manager

Portrait photo of Irene Brenneisen

Irene Brenneisen

Patient coach and psycho-oncological counsellor SGPO

Spital Zollikerberg
Zentrum für integrative, komplementäre Medizin & TCM (ZIMT)
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