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Leadership and professional development in nursing: Urs Wildbolz on his journey

Urs Wildbolz has been in charge of our private ward specialising in acute geriatrics for five years. In his role, he wears several hats every day, which he talks about in this interview. He talks about what drives him, who his mentors were and provides insights into his motivation and the challenges in nursing. What advice would he give to someone at the start of their career? Find out all this and more here.

Pflegerin legt ihre Hände auf die Schulter der älteren Patientin, die zu ihr hochsieht.


A heartfelt commitment to the kidney

The journey to the dialysis centre is one that patients with chronic kidney failure make several times a week, usually for the rest of their lives. At Zollikerberg Hospital, they are accompanied by Esther Karlen, who has been working as a qualified nurse on the dialysis ward since 2015. In this article, she explains how she supports the patients on the ward not only from a professional but also from an emotional perspective.


Step by step: a virtual journey through Zollikerberg Hospital

Would you like to get to know Zollikerberg Hospital without leaving your home? Our 360° virtual tour offers you a comprehensive visual insight into our facility and the surrounding park - from the comfort of any location. Immerse yourself in the world of Zollikerberg Hospital and discover modern facilities and inviting surroundings that are waiting to be explored by you.

Lächelnder Mann in medizinischer Kleidung vor Überwachungsgeräten im Krankenhaus.


An insight into work in the intensive care unit

Peter Schmid, Head of Intensive Care at Zollikerberg Hospital, gives us a unique insight into his work, his team and looks back on how the intensive care unit has changed over the years.
Chief Physician Prof. Dr Vera Bernet Clinic for Neonatology examines a newborn baby with a stethoscope.


Interview with Chief Physician Prof Dr Vera Bernet

Read the inspiring interview with Chief Physician Prof Dr Vera Bernet about emotional moments in her career, challenges and changes in the professional field of neonatology as well as pressure, perfectionism and free time.
Lächelnde Krankenschwester im weißen Kittel neben Infusionspumpe.


Behind the scenes of oncology

Martina Landolt, Group Leader Oncology at Zollikerberg Hospital, gives us a unique insight into her day-to-day work and talks about her motivation for working in such a demanding field as oncology.
Lächelnde Ärztin in einem Krankenhausflur.


A look into the day-to-day work of Dr Migena Doda-Resuli

In this hospital story, you will find out how Dr Migena Doda-Resuli found her way into radiology, what challenges she has overcome on her career path and much more.
Laborangestellter prüft Proben in einem Forschungslabor.


Development opportunities for nursing staff in the DLZ OP/IS

In the operating theatres and intensive care unit service centre, there are no limits to professional, personnel and functional development. What would you like to achieve?
Ute Sauter Zollikerberg Hospital


Global experience, local leadership

Ute Sauter has been working as Head of Reception and Hotel Specialist at Zollikerberg Hospital since May 2023. Find out how she enriches Zollikerberg Hospital with her international expertise and what her responsibilities are here.